5 Points To Include In Your Research Paper Outline On Divorce

Divorce is a very common research topic in both schools and colleges. And within divorce itself, the most common sub-topic is: The effects of divorce on children. Don’t be surprised if your teacher asks you to write an essay or a research paper on the topic this term/semester.

So, assuming that you have been asked to write a research paper on the: The effects of divorce on children, what exactly do you need to cover? We discuss five possible points below:

  1. Children will go through emotional an emotional distress
  2. This is always a certainty. Whenever there is a divorce, the children who are left behind will be left to comprehend why their mum and dad had to go separate ways. It has also been shown that such children go through emotional distress as they confront anger, fear, and the feeling of abandonment. Sometimes, this can be reflected in their declining academic performance.

  3. Feeling of guilt
  4. When a preschooler has to deal with the fact that they may never see mum and dad together again, they sometimes also start to feel a bit guilty. Did I cause the divorce? Did they go separate ways because of me? Is it because dad doesn’t want me around? All these questions might start running through the kid’s mind.

  5. Kids miss the parental care they need so much
  6. A divorce also means that the kid has to live with just one parent. If this is the case, then they will dearly miss the parental care that would have been offered by the other parent. Whether that is their mum or dad, children need both parents when growing up. There are some things they can only learn so well from their mum and another set of things they can only learn so well from their father.

  7. Standard of living of the kid may be affected
  8. If mum and dad were to go separate ways, and the kid left to stay with his or her mum, then assuming that the dad was the sole bread winner before the divorce, the child may suffer due to the lost financial support. They will now have to survive on a smaller budget.

  9. Children may lose confidence in marriage
  10. Even though still young, children learn at every opportunity. When they see their parents drifting apart and eventually divorcing, they may start to look at marriages in a different way – most likely as something bad. I’ve found this site useful when looking for more points on divorce essays.

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