8 Five Best Methods To Write An Introduction In A Research Paper

Writing a research paper is one of the most difficult tasks every scholar has to face. Some professors just read the introduction and use it as a major basis for a grade. It is important therefore to know the five best methods to nail it.

Method #1 Write the Body First

The first thing you want to do is write the body. You would want to write the body first since introductions would outline what readers would expect. This way you can be assured that the thesis and the flow of the paper are aligned to the introduction. Some writers make the mistake of starting with the introduction rather than the body. They face problems like forgetting to revise the introduction when new information and support is made or when the thesis has changed due to some facts. It would be best, therefore, to begin with the readings and body for your output before the introduction itself.

Method #2 Beginning Sentences

A scholar should note that the beginning sentence of your output should not be a quote. Beginning sentences should be entertaining but provide an educational overview or insight on the topic. Some examples are:

  1. There are several types of characters in films that shape a society’s culture.

  2. Medical ethics deals with the formation of a relationship between doctor and patient.

  3. A child goes through several stages before reaching adult maturity.

One can note that the samples are general facts or ideas about a possible topic being tackled. They are still original words or interpretations.

Method #3 Including the Facts

The facts that will be discussed in the paper should have an “umbrella effect” in your introduction. They should be the biggest or most general facts that provide the readers with the topic coverage. They should be limited to a maximum of three. In an introduction, you must use short quotes and not put long block quotes. You should also use the facts to either open doors for your research question or thesis.

Method #4 Paraphrasing

You should grasp paraphrasing skills in an introduction to prove to your professor you can tackle the topic with great understanding. Paraphrasing usually begins with synonyms and knowing how to make sentences your own.

Method #5 Formulating the Thesis

Your work in the introduction would all depend on the thesis. The thesis is put as the last sentence. To formulate a good thesis, you must be able to make a strong argument and interest your readers with its relevance to the topic.

Research papers can be the main ticket to graduation. With the right introduction, you can be sure that your graduation would be closer that you think. With these five methods, the best introduction can be composed in minutes.

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