A List Of Good Research Paper Topics For 9th Grade Students

9th-grade students often write research papers in different subjects. One of the most important steps of such assignments is to choose a good topic. You should write about something interesting and meaningful. If you have difficulties with selecting topics for your papers, here is the list of decent suggestions that you may use:

  1. Homeschooling.
  2. Investigate this topic and illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of studying at home with individual tutors.

  3. Influence of the Internet.
  4. Are modern children more socialized or smarter due to the Internet? Are there any serious negative factors that come with the advantages of the worldwide web?

  5. Alternative medicine.
  6. Do your research and make your statement on whether alternative medicine really works or it’s just a fraud.

  7. Body language.
  8. Investigate the differences between the body languages of men and women. Try to explain why we act differently in the same environment.

  9. Marketing to children.
  10. Raise your arguments to prove that using marketing methods to sell products to children is unethical. You may take the opposite stance too.

  11. Interracial marriages.
  12. Give substantial evidence to prove that interracial marriages aren’t bad and that they strengthen the bonds between different cultures.

  13. Single gender schools.
  14. Raise your arguments for or against the statement that children study better at boys-only or girls-only schools.

  15. Alcohol.
  16. What should be done to make people understand that it’s dangerous to consume alcohol in large quantities? What ways can you propose?

  17. Animal rights.
  18. What rights should animals have? What punishments should the people who violate animal rights suffer?

  19. Sports and doping.
  20. Do your research and raise your arguments to prove that using doping won’t bring an athlete any good. What are the consequences?

  21. Censorship in the United States.
  22. How has censorship in the country changed over the years? Are these changes for the good or for the bad?

  23. Colleges.
  24. Raise your arguments to prove that four-year colleges are better than two-year colleges. You may also take the opposite stance.

  25. Cyber-bullying.
  26. Can it be considered a crime? What should be made to reduce the number of cyber-bullies in social networks?

  27. Plastic surgery.
  28. Should it be applied only in the case of serious damage to the appearance of a patient? Many people go too far using the services of plastic surgeons nowadays.

You may use one of these topics to write your own paper. You may also use them as an inspiration to come up with other original ideas.

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