List Of Great Research Paper Topics Related To Human Body

Those students who are studying medicine can face some troubles with finding a great research paper topic. If you are facing the same problem, maybe it is better to take your time and think about which topic connected with the human body is worth to spend your time on researching and writing.

There are so many topics related to the human body that can be covered. Here, you can read a list of several interesting and important topics about human body that are worth to study and write your essay:

  1. How does a drug turn into an addiction?

  2. What is the ideal temperature of a human body?

  3. Is there a body part with a purpose that is unknown?

  4. Human clones – why experts are against this new appearance in medicine?

  5. What are the most favorite human body parts between women and men?

  6. What is a non-fully developed part of the body when someone is born?

  7. Which is a most complicated organ – the heart or the human brain?

  8. How does the body repair broken bones on its own?

  9. Why do people get old?

  10. What happens with the human organism after our 50?

  11. Why do methods of anesthesia work differently on different patients?

  12. What body parts cannot be repaired after injury?

  13. What are muscles and how they are connected with the human bones?

  14. What is a body part people can live without?

  15. What is the main function of the liver?

  16. How does a drug become addictive and what can do to a human brain?

  17. What kind of heart diseases exists?

  18. Types of cancer and how its affect the human body

  19. How does physical activity affect our body?

  20. A chemical changes in human body

Each of these 20 topics about human body can help you to develop a great research paper that will catch the attention of every reader. However, after you choose a specific topic, you should find reliable sources, information, and data.

A better way to find reliable information on a medical and human body topic is to search for some medical books or ask your professors at your school. Besides, that if you have any chance, you can contact and talk with a doctor or nurse who are the most reliable sources, if you write an essay related to human body topic.

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