What Is Meant By A Term Paper Proposal Format: Basic Manual

A research paper format is the manner in which the contents are organized. Usually, there will be a specified format for a term paper. That format must be adhered to when writing the proposal and the final paper.

Some of the most common formatting guidelines are MLA, APA, Harvard and Chicago, among others. Each of these specifies how to accomplish different things when organizing the content.

The following are aspects to consider when writing a term paper in the right format.

  1. Margins: Margins are the spacing distance of content from the top, bottom, right and left paper ends. For a basic format, use 1" for all the margins. These measurements are alright when the format is not specified.

  2. Title Page: For a term paper, it is imperative to include a title page. The title page specifies the name of the author, school/college, department, the course code, name of supervisor, date and title of the work. In almost all cases, the title page should not be numbered.

  3. Line spacing: Line spacing is usually set at “double space” unless otherwise specified.

  4. Structure of the paper: Make sure to use the right structure when writing it. For instance, begin with an introduction, literature review, summary, recommendations and conclusion. In writing the introduction, make sure to focus on thesis, the research question and objective.

It is necessary to stay clear about the research question before gathering data, to make sure you do not spend valuable time only to gather data that does not respond to the topic. Begin by asking what you are researching about and why.

In writing a literature review, make sure to get authoritative references that addresses to issues targeted. After this, make summaries of the work from other authors. This section will require you doing some in depth investigation.

You can be sure that there are many experts who have discussed the targeted topic and issues extensively. In order to avoid plagiarism, do not pick the content directly from these sources. You require reading, understanding and writing your own statements. In addition, make sure to credit sources inside the content and at the end. This is an obvious expectation when using different formatting guidelines. However, you should check if the professor/lecturer requires the reference lists. Most will require it when a research paper is needed.

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