A List Of Easy Research Paper Topics For Middle School Students

In middle school the options for essay writing are quite large. Topics that might not be rigorous enough for college are still allowed while some that might have been a bit too risque for a younger student might just be able to be included. The decision of which topic is perfect has a great deal to do with the personality of the student in question. Before you begin to look for a topic, Consider the following:

How much research do you want to do? Just because a concept is easy to put into writing doesn’t mean there wont be some reading to do. All of the information may be readily available just plentiful. Bear this in mind.

What will your teacher think? It is great to write what you truly feel but if your grades are at stake and your teacher is not very understanding, it may help to tone down your opinions. Self publish a book about what you really think.

If you are ready to brainstorm topics (either on your own or in a group) think of the ones listed below as a good point to start from:

  1. How does the need to belong encourage dangerous behaviors in high school?

  2. Is democracy the most efficient means of running a country?

  3. Does the modern system of education encourage students to strive for unrealistic ideals?

  4. Should children play a bigger part in the process of voting and making laws?

  5. Are many of the sports that accept children too dangerous even for adults?

  6. Does interest in fantasy novels and games indicate a more active imagination?

  7. Is the lack of popularity in school a good indicator of success as an adult?

  8. Should school lunches be ‘policed’ to ensure their nutritional content?

  9. Can corruption at the level of class elections ever be fully stamped out?

  10. Should bullies be subjected to the same type of torment they mete out to others?

  11. Are the uniforms and routines for most cheerleaders appropriate for their ages?

  12. Should kids be able to sue the previous generation for damages to the environment?

  13. How likely is it that extraterrestrial beings of some sort exist?

  14. Are traditional teachers obsolete? Should fashion magazines purposefully include more differently abled

  15. models?

These go in many different directions so there’s something for everyone. Try them out if you want to sharpen your skills.

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