What To Know About The Main Components Of A Research Paper

Writing is very important if you are completing a research. Still, it can be a difficult task for many students. Everything starts when numerous students have no idea what to write in their projects, and ends when they cannot organize what they have already written in a proper way. While recommendations on the content of each separate research paper depend on its topic, and there is no general guideline about it, there are certain facts to remember about the main components of a project. If you keep these facts in mind, you will handle the writing easier.

  1. Abstract.
  2. One of components of research papers that cause more problems for students. Understanding of this part will make the process of writing easier for you. So, the abstract part contain a short representation of your project to readers. It helps people understand what they can find inside the project when they open it.

  3. Introduction.
  4. This is one of the main components of a paper because it gives readers an idea of your goal, expected results, the essence of your work and its importance.

  5. Methods.
  6. This chapter explains which methods you choose to explore the problematics, why you choose them and why they are better than others. It’s a very important part of your project, which requires a lot of attention and a profound scientific base.

  7. Results.
  8. This part of your work is one of the easiest to compose because in it, you represent the things you can observe after the research is completed. Make sure that you don’t hide the results under a pile of unnecessary information.

  9. Discussion.
  10. This is the component of your work, in which you actually start to add your point of view, opinion and interpretation to the purely technical process of studying your topic.

  11. Conclusions.
  12. Conclusions are an important part of the project because you show your readers what you have received after the research. Writing this chapter, you need to remember that the conclusions should not be like “because I think so”. All your conclusions should be based on facts and no way banal.

  13. Bibliography.
  14. The chapter, in which you name all the authors and reference books that you have used in your work, is very important, because if you miss a reference source on this list, you may be charged with plagiarism. So, be accurate with this part and give it no less attention than other components of your project receive.

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