Creating A Title Page For A Research Paper In The Chicago Style

The Chicago style is one of the most common citation modules that students are asked to use from time to time. When you are trying to make sure that you can write a good paper, it is necessary for you to further go ahead and make sure you pay attention to some of the instructions that come with these citation modules.

Over the years we have come to see lots of students who end up struggling with their papers not because they did not know what to do, but because they failed to pay attention to the simple things that matter. Ideally, writing a good paper is not just about doing some good research and then from there moving on to present your paper for marking. There is so much more that goes into writing a really good paper that is beside the hard work that you put into it.

For this task for example, writing your paper is the first part. The next challenge that you have is writing it and formatting it in Chicago style. This is an area where lots of students tend to struggle, so we will touch on the first piece of information that fails you – the title page. The importance of this is such that your teacher will look at it and know immediately whether you paid attention to instructions or not.

To save you on some marks that you would have otherwise lost, the following are some instructions that will help you get the title page appropriately written:

  • Focus on the font

  • Alignment matters

  • Space the contents fairly

Focus on the font

Ideally the font for the title page is supposed to be significantly different or larger than the one you will use in the paper. Do not confuse this and end up using two different types of fonts. Just focus on the size to make the title stand out.

Alignment matters

The alignment is another area where you have to pay attention. Make sure that you spread the contents of your title page properly. Do not indent in the wrong direction, because this is also supposed to resonate well with your work.

Space the contents fairly

Spacing matters a lot. There are only as few a number of words that you will be using here, so make sure that you spread them out properly so that nothing appears to be hanging.

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