Creating A Thesis Statement For A Research Paper On Gun Control

As the subject of gun control has become a hot button issue in the United States, you’re bound to see a lot more research paper assignments dedicated to the controversial issue. As you already know writing an excellent thesis statement is one of the most important steps in composing a great research paper. We’ve checked with several academic experts to chime in on the best method for creating a great thesis statement on this topic:

First step: What is a thesis statement?

You’re probably thinking you should know this right? Hopefully, you do. But there’s always room for a reminder especially when it comes down to the small details. The thesis statement is basically a clear way of communicating the position you will be taking on an arguable issue. In gun control, for instance, you can be in favor of either more control or less control and then proceed to provide supporting evidence for your argument. Your thesis statement should always be arguable, in that someone taking the opposing side can provide counter arguments.

Second step: What is the purpose of a thesis statement?

Again, you should already know what the answer to this is, but we’ll review to dust off some of those mental cobwebs you might have floating around in your mind. Even if it’s a draft, a thesis statement is designed to help guide your work – from research through the writing process. You thesis must be specific and pull together – in a concise and direct manner – all of the information and analysis which you are about to present in the body paragraphs. In shorter works you can sometimes place your thesis statement at the beginning of your intro, but most higher education works have the statement placed at the end of the introduction.

Third step: Think about and get a draft version down.

Keeping everything you’ve come up with to answer the above questions, it’s time to get started on a few drafts. Your ideas should be the result of some lengthy critical thought on the material you have covered throughout your research on gun control. Your draft statement doesn’t need to be perfect but it certainly should provide you with some direction as you compose the first draft version of the assignment. It’s possible (as it occurs more often than you might think) that your thesis statement will change through the course of writing. Let your ideas flow but maintain some direction as you go.

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