Searching For An Example Of An APA Research Paper With An Abstract

Composing a research paper is a common task given to students in a multitude of degree programs and additionally, many papers follow the APA formatting structure. When you need to find an example of a piece of writing using this formatting then try these tips to find an example that you can use.

APA format information

One of the best ways to find examples of a research paper are to go to the APA source which is the website for the organization itself. With just a quick search on any browser or search engine you will soon find the site and with it a list of all the requirements your writing will need to meet. This website will be a student’s best friend when they are doing this assignment and it will ensure that your work will meet all the necessary requirements.

Additionally, once you have the top level requirements for the writing you can continue your search for examples in the desired APA formatting for your subject of study.

Department and school resources

The next step in the search is to visit and review the resources that are available at your school. Take a quick walk to the department for your degree and ask them to show you any samples they may have available. Because the department is requiring the APA format, you can most often be assured that they will be correct, but double check based on the information you have already gathered.

If your department does not provide this type of assistance for students then it may be time to try the next step and to visit past students or friends.

Students, colleagues and friends

If you have been in the college program for a while or perhaps been working in the industry as an intern, then it is highly likely that you’ve developed a network of friends that you can ask to help you out. Contact your friends or past students that you know and ask if they have an example that you can borrow.

No matter how well you know these resources, however, make sure that you double check the writing against the APA standards.

When you find yourself searching for an APA research paper example with an abstract than consider these options and soon you will have what you need to complete your own writing.

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