Research Paper Title Makers: Professional Advice For Students

In the process of writing research the most difficult part for most people is collecting all the relevant data from the various sources and putting it together in a way that obeys all the rules of its given format. There are templates at Thesis Geek to help with that and guideline booklets as well. For the creation of a title, however, most of us are left to our own devices and as a result the majority of these are boring or poorly constructed. Here is some advice to help you get around that.

  • Know your readers
  • If you are in a field that is open to radical ideas and creative expression, be clear on that when you do your writing. You have a great deal more leeway than someone in a more rigid environment. Similarly, if you are a very lighthearted person and you do not match the field in which you write, make sure that your title does because the people who review your work may not be accepting of your ideas.

  • Be true to yourself
  • While it is wise to make sure that your title does not step on any toes, your research paper is a very personal thing and it is better for you to include at least some aspect of your personality in its title than to completely erase yourself from it. This can be a fine line to walk but it is worth it if you can succeed.

  • Refer to previously successful titles
  • Look for sample papers that were considered successful when submitted. Often they will also have been named well. You may even see that a few of the names have something in common. Check for instances of alliteration or a clever play on words. You may even see several literary devices at use in one.

  • Borrow naming trends from pop culture
  • There was a trend of using a portmanteau in referring to celebrity couples at one point. If your research paper in any way deals with two things that have become interrelated, you can do something similar. It can come across as silly if not done carefully so make sure that the name you come up with is both clever and informative. This is still research.

  • Consider purchasing a title from someone
  • Not everyone has the time or the talent to brainstorm names. If you must, consider buying one from a freelance writer or agency.

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