How To Cite A Research Paper In The APA Style: A Brief Format

When you are writing a research paper, you may go through some difficulties and some daunting process. All you need to know a proper format to complete your whole work. When you are assigned with a topic, the most important thing is to know about the style in which you have to write your paper.

To present your writing in the APA style, you need to know about the exact way which you should follow to maintain the originality of the APA style. This style will help you to make your work more presentable in a concise way. There is no doubt that this style is the bestto write your work in an excellent way.

This style is unique and you will find this easier to work on. The proper style of this concept consist of few steps, only those you have to keep in mind to get a place for your paper in front of the world.

The steps which you should follow while writing your work in the APA style:

  • In this style, the format contains mainly four points. First of which is the title page. In this page, you need to give the main title of your work in the first page of your research paper. Along with the title, you need to give your name and the name of your college one after another covering three lines. It should be aligned centre and there should be double spaced in between the line. Give a page number at the top right corner of the page. There should be a short version of your title at the top of the subsequent pages.

  • Secondly, you should write an abstract for your paper. In this section, summarize the whole paper as well as make a quick review of the main points. Your abstract should consist of every points discussed in the main paper. By reading the abstract the readers should get aware of the main objective which you have tried to write and present in your work.

  • Thirdly, the main body of the paper which includes the sections like introduction, main body, experiments and conclusion should be written properly and in a vivid manner. Whatever analysis you have done, write it in order to maintain the proper sequence of the work.

  • Lastly, give a list of references which you have used in your work to make comparisons or any references in your work. Always remember that you should write the author's name in an alphabetical order. It will help your readers to get the exact references which you have used.

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