Fresh Ideas For Writing An 8th Grade Research Paper

8th grade students are often given research paper assignments. However, many of them have undeveloped writing skills and procrastinate while choosing topic ideas for their work. Fortunately, students can find many sample topics on the web and in their school library. The following list of fresh ideas for 8th grade students, ideal for those who want to get inspired and come up with a manageable topic:

  1. Consider the following topics in history:

    • Egyptian pharaohs and their accomplishments.

    • The Pyramids of Egypt and their historical value.

    • The Atlantic slave trade: the main causes and effects.

    • Apartheid in South Africa: the role of Nelson Mandela.

    • What is genocide: the example of Cambodia.

  2. Write about religion:

    • Hinduism in India: the role of the caste system in the society.

    • Buddhism and the personality of Siddhartha Gautama.

    • The influence of Islam on the important historical events.

    • The main statements of Confucianism.

    • The world religions: the main differences and similarities.

  3. Investigate major environmental problems:

    • The causes and effects of desertification in Africa.

    • The rise of the sea level: the impacts on the small island states of Polynesia.

    • Global warming: a myth or reality.

    • Water pollution in big cities: the potential threats.

    • The extinction of species: the main causes and effects.

  4. Compare and contrast different subjects:

    • What is the best pet: a dog or a cat?

    • What is more difficult: being a lawyer or a doctor?

    • Who earns more: a famous singer or a successful athlete?

    • Why do you like travelling: visiting interesting places vs. meeting new people?

    • The healthy meal: should people eat at home or go to a restaurant?

  5. Analyze the learning environment in your school:

    • Wearing school uniforms: the main pros and cons.

    • Playing games in class: an effective learning method.

    • Homework debate: why do you like/dislike studying after classes?

    • A professional teacher: what skills should a good teacher have?

    • What school resources can you use in order to improve your academic performance?

You can use one of the ideas provided above, or brainstorm topics for your research paper with your classmates. Keep in mind your teacher’s requirements, and make sure that your research topic is narrow enough to be covered within the scope of the assignment. It is important to use the reliable sources and insert in-text citations if you borrow the ideas of others. You can visit the school writing center to get a research paper manual with examples of formatting.

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