Acute Research Paper Topics On Criminal Justice System

Research contributes to being an integral part of studies. The same holds good on criminal justice system. Here are a free topics from which you can choose the research paper of your choice:

  • History of criminology
  • History of criminology refers to the scientific study of crime which are inclusive of the reasons behind it, acknowledgment of the same by law and the tactics adopted for preventing the crimes. There are various sub-groups under which criminology has been categorized which include Feminist criminology, Penology, Criminalistics, Biocriminology.

  • Integration of criminology into public policy
  • In this search paper, you avail info about the role of criminologists in our society. It also confers information about the data and theories for detering the crime on the basis of data found. The criminologists then recommends the policy makers of criminal justice how they can apply these study into social policy.

  • Relationship between Crime and employment
  • Unemployment is known to be a major cause behind crime. This paper indicates the relationship between the unemployment and the criminal rate. crime rate refers to the total number of recorded offenses and dealt in every 100,000 citizens.

  • Relation between crime and gender
  • The paper depicts the relationship between crime and gender. It has been observed that the crimes committed by men are more in comparison to the crime committed by woman. Thus efforts are made in this search paper for understanding the reasons behind male and female crime.

  • Analyzing the links between Crime and race
  • In this paper, you study how and why crime is corelated to race. Studies reveal that people who has fallen a pray to racial discrimination commit more crime.

  • Relationship between Crime and neighborhood
  • This paper explains the corelation between crime and neightbourhood.

  • Deterrence theories
  • Deterrence theory has been known to gain high popularity in these days. The paper indicates that deterrence is the prime justification for punishment and it forms an integral part of the rational choice theory.

  • Strain theories
  • Strain theory is actually a criminology and sociology theory. The theory says that individuals are pressurized by the society for achieving socially accepted objectives. Though they are devoid of the means, it causes strain which make the individual to commit crimes.

  • Self control Theory
  • The theory of self control is essentially a criminological theory. The theory states that it is the lack of self-control that causes the person to commit crimes.

  • Various types of hate crimes
  • The paper speaks about the various types of crimes that are caused by hatred.

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