How To Format A Research Paper Title Page In The APA Style Correctly

Writing a research paper title page with the APA style format is a simple task. You can find samples online to study. Keep in mind there is title page content that varies depending on information you are required to mention. This means you will find different samples online. You can find one close to what you need to help you understand how your content should look when complete. Keep in mind you will need to change spacing, margins, and consider using the page number feature with your work processing program. Here are basic points to help you develop your content.

  • Page numbers appear in upper right corner of page.

  • The words “Running head” appears flush in the upper left area of the page. Place a semicolon after this and place your title here. It should be a short version of your full title name.

  • The short name for your title appears on following pages except for the words “Running head.”

  • The following content is centered and doubled spaced in the middle of the page: full title name, your name and your school or college name.

  • All content typed on the title page should be in a 12-point font. Times Roman or Times New Roman is the type of font to use.

Additional Information to Know about APA Style Format for Your Research Paper

To help you understand how to format your project correctly, find sample papers. There are websites with academic papers you can view and use for study purposes. When seeking samples it helps to find something that meets guidelines for your assignment. You are able to use different samples to help you understand how your content should look upon completion. This formatting style is often confused with MLA but you can find samples of both to understand why they are different.

Other elements of your project will also follow the format. Details such as margins, line spacing, subheadings, and other aspects should be reviewed carefully. Your instructor may have additional details you should include with your content. Some schools follow different protocol when completing assignments of this nature. When you complete your content make sure it looks the way your instructor expects it to look before submission. Take your time developing content and get an opinion from someone you trust about presentation and organization.

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