Creating An Excellent Research Paper About Racism In America

Racism in America remains a significant problem that destroys cooperation in the local communities, leads to personal tragedies, and even influences the state’s economy. Writing a research paper about this subject allows you to improve your research and critical reading skills and learn how to build the world without racial discrimination. The following tips and suggestions will help you create an excellent assignment.

How to Compose a Strong Research Paper

Composing a strong research paper takes your dedication and time. There are several useful tips that will help you reveal your topic and get interesting results:

  • Focus your research.
  • Avoid choosing a broad topic. For example, write about individual forms of racism present in your area instead of discussing racism in the U.S.

  • Formulate a problem to be solved.
  • Pose your topic idea as a problem, so you will highlight the significance of a chosen topic and understand the potential outcomes of your research.

  • Study different kinds of sources.
  • Visit the school’s library to look through the catalog, bibliographies, and a list of other documents related to racism in America. Ensure that you use periodicals in your research.

  • Stay organized.
  • Organize the materials by creating bibliography cards, filling in data tables, and taking notes. Write down important dates and pay attention to anti-racism policies at different times.

  • Answer vital questions in your outline.
  • Provide brief answers to the following questions. What is your topic idea and why it is important for your readers? On what sources are you going to base your research? What is your thesis point? What subpoints do you want to present in the paper?

  • Write your first draft.
  • Prepare your first draft, including the introduction, main chapters, conclusions, and a list of references.

How to Revise Your Research Paper Before the Submission

The aforementioned tips will help you complete your research paper. However, it is also important to revise your draft before the submission carefully. In the first instance, you should check the overall structure of the document to ensure that it includes all the necessary elements, including a title page, abstract, and appendices.

Then, look through the paragraph organization. You should pay attention to topic sentences, supporting details, transitions, and sequence of points within and between paragraphs. On the sentence level of writing, you need to check punctuation, the word choices, and spelling of the names and places. It is also necessary to correct typos and grammar mistakes.

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